Abundance is from Allah-Sohbet by Sayyid A. Amiruddin September 29th, 2014


The Children of Adam – the mumtaz (distinguished) one who is sent to earth to rule is Shah Mardan. He is the lion who is appointed to declare the honour of the children of Adam on earth. They are sent from Heavens to earth. He is appointed to discipline them, to teach them adab.”-Qutb ul-Ghawth Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

You are Man who has been created honorable. Know your value. Protect your majesty. Don’t have any other job. Our job is to follow Shah Mardan. Our job is to walk on the path on which he steps.“-Qutb ul-Ghawth Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

The Prophet of Allah sallallahu alaihi wa aalihi wa sallam said, “First of all things, the Lord created my Mind”. (Muhammad: The Last Prophet Compiled by Haji Amina Adil, Wife of Shaykh Nazim, p.38. Translated by Radhia Shukrullah).

His sallallahu ‘alaihi wa aalihi wa sallam‘s Mind is Nur and there is no other vehicle for the manifestation of the Irada from the Formless, Nameless, Indescribable All Thing, All Power to be known. 4:79 “Whoever obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah…”. That is for all creation, and its formation, from its beginning, to its current and thereafter. You must then know, there are no such things as obstacles if one wills something for themselves from within. Remind yourself of that. Humans possess phenomenal power. Nothing is kept from humans. 02:31 “And He taught Adam the names of all things”. You are blinded by fear of those who are not supposed to be in power, tyrants, but 10:62 “Verily on the Awliya of Allah shall come no fear nor shall they grieve”. Think. Why are we asking for money that is paper? Paper is not money. Wa rizqukum fis samaa. Rizq descends from heavens. There are no restrictions on you to be abundant. 02:268 “Shaytan threatens you with poverty and enjoins you to be ungenerous, and Allah promises you forgiveness from Himself and abundance; and Allah is Ample-giving, Knowing”. Oil is free. Gold is free, emeralds are free, silver is free, fish is free, water is free, milk is free, eggs are free, fruits are free, vegetables are free….did Allah appoint Jinn or Angels, or Devils over gold mines, preventing us from taking what we want to our hearts fill? Humans have been mining gold for centuries before the invention of today’s satellites and radars. Take what you need He said, so He granted it for free, spreading it for you, without limit, everywhere for humans. But a great lie was told, told by the Great Liar, making people fear, and forget everything they work for was already placed on earth for them to consume, for free by their Lord. Why are we asking paper from liars who are doing their best to make us believe we need to pay for those bounties Allah laid out on earth for you for free? The root of the problem is tyranny. When those who are not supposed to be in power, take power by fooling people, you are covered in fear. In the era of Mahdi ‘alaihi salam people will be able to take as much gold, diamond, emeralds, rubies, silver, fish, water as they desire. The administration will be supported by Right Divine, on the pattern of Prophets. He will end poverty, which is only an illusion in the wrongfully enslaved mind. Why are you working today for things Allah already granted for free? He said, “I am working to build a cement, or mud, or gold house for my family”, but earth, gold, land, trees, stone, sand to make glass, fire, wood, cotton, everything was already granted to you to use, for free, on earth, We already granted Mankind that! One year’s salary on a rock Allah granted for free, placed on a precious metal Allah granted mankind for free? You are losing faith over groceries, milk and eggs, when they were placed on earth, eating free grass and grain, cows, and chickens, for you, for free. You have been had. Ask for Mahdi ‘alaihi salam and rule of those with Right Divine, or remain in the lock of wrongful mental slavery, thinking the painting of the sky in your cell is real.

CNN iReport: Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani al-Qubrusi Teacher

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By  |  Posted May 7, 2014  |  California 

Muhammad Nazim Adil al- Haqqani al- Qubrusi ( Larnaca, April 21, 1922 – Nicosia, May 7, 2014 ) was (one of the) Grand Masters of the Tariqa Naqshbandi-Haqqani-Mujaddidi-Khalidi , more commonly known as Tariqa Naqshbandi-Haqqani, Grandmaster successor Abd Allah al- Faiz al- Daghestani.


Descendant of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, resident in Cyprus, but his followers live in such remote areas together as the United States, Canada, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Lebanon, Pakistan , Germany, England , France, Spain ,South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

He has traveled extensively all Islamic lands and much of the West to spread the message of Islam as the Sufi understanding. 

No author of any book written, although several of his speeches have been compiled by his followers in some books. 

Murids: Followers

His murids, ie people who have joined him, claim to have seen or known of many signs, signs or karamats (miracles ) connected to it that would indicate his understanding that Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, as it is called , is a great wali of Allah (friend of God) of this era, in fact, the Pole of Saints of God in this age, that is, someone who has overcome his ego and has surrendered to God and remains at all times Divine Presence, shelter and as a follower of the last of the Prophets, his ancestor, Muhammad the Prophet of Islam. Among such signs in the know dreams even before physically known or dream you along with the Prophet of Islam has many opportunities. Several murids have perceived, at times of particular consciousness at meetings of dhikr or Remembrance of God that must periodically in tariqa , Mawlana various manifestations of light , as he is called , or his special blessing that serves to bring hearts by the path of submission and surrender to God. 

Recognition from Sufi leaders

It has been recognized by other shaykhs and leaders of tasawwuf also known in the West, such as Sidi Mustafa ibn Basir ad – Darqawi , Shaykh Muhammad al Alawi al Maliki al-Habib Ali al Jifri , Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Hamza Yusuf , among others. In his travels in the East , he has been received with open arms by many Sufi shaykhs of such lands . 

‘Salafism’ and ‘Wahhabism’

It has been the subject of intense and heated debate particularly known for his opposition to Islamic reformism under Wahhabism or Salafism and deobandism forms. Charges such movements of relatively recent origin in the history of Islam, generating tensions, hatred, suffering and hatred as the paradigmatic case of so-called ‘Islamic terrorism ‘. 


Belongs to the line of Islamic Sufism which traditionally holds the whole track haqiqa (internal spiritual realities) and sharia ( law established by Islam ) .

His teachings range from various aspects of the reform of the human being , putting great emphasis on the purification of character, and in maintaining adab or perfect form of behavior in every circumstance, to contemporary social and political teachings on various aspects or conditions of the current educational system. 

Views on the Caliphate

He is known for his defense of the Caliphate as a traditional form of government for Muslims, as opposed to the current division of the Islamic world in different countries with nationalist governments . 

Shaykh Nazim teaches that the Ottoman Caliphate, the last caliphate of Muslims, played a key role in preserving peace in the Middle East and the fall of the Caliphate, which is only a temporary recess, has brought disunity, conflicts and endless serious problems in the Middle East and Muslims in general. It states that the Caliphate belongs to the sunnah, ie , is a form of government divinely approved modeled directly in the government of Islam who served the Prophet Muhammad , the Prophet of Islam, and his first four successors in the government of the Muslims or Califas straight, a form of government very different from democracy, which comes to the Islamic world as an import contrary to the teachings of the Prophet and the West , he argues, is a political tool that serves the ego of men, being fundamental support for acts of rebellion against the authority of God over his servants humans. 

Use ‘Gold for Currency’

Shaykh Nazim also teaches that the global economy, founded on paper money, is contrary to the revealed teachings of the Prophet of Islam economy and global banking is an institution of tyranny against the people, protected by world leaders who turned their backs on the sacred laws . Condemns both capitalism and communism as forms of tyranny and oppression against the peoples . 

Definition of  ‘Freedom’

Report contemporary Western understanding of the term ‘freedom’ as an ideological instrument that was created to overthrow the divinely established boundaries of the sacred law, in order to generate a mass of chaos and problems before mankind knew no on this measure . He argues that secular and anti-religious way of understanding freedom is basically slavery , the slavery of the XX and XXI centuries) , loved their egos. Real freedom , he says, is to exercise the power of the will to dominate the ego and thus give space to the spirit, which always yearns for Divine Presence. The Kingdoms of God in His Divine Presence, he says, are our true homeland. ” We here are but a mere reflection of the realities of our spirit in the Divine Presence. We must find the way back.” 

Views on Democracy

Also denounces the democratic ideological understanding of the term ‘ equality ‘ in the West, as a way to ‘ meet down ‘ to human beings and to eliminate the natural differences between men bringing greater or lesser nobility of spirit. He says the nobility of spirit lies in the degree of submission and surrender to God that you may have that once, when people showed their respects to pure servants of God and the authorities straight – which, as in the Ottoman Caliphate, were themselves disciples of such servants -the society showed an order allowing populations adequately maintain their connection to their Creator. 

Defense of Ottoman Monarchy

His strong defense of traditional Islamic legacy and memory of the Ottoman Caliphate as a recent model and blessed of running a true Islamic and universal government won him early on various feuds in the Turkish secular government, to the point that was put on a youth prison for refusing to give the call to prayer of the Muslims (adhan or azan ) in Turkish, as required by the government at that time, and do it in Arabic, as required by the religion of Islam. For over eighty years, the Turkish government still insists on putting legal obstacles , having forbidden to give the khutbah (speech of the previous Friday communal prayer of the Muslims) in the Turkish part of Cyprus where Shaykh Nazim resides.

Charismatic Leader

Shaykh Nazim is known for his intense charisma and sympathy and love which generates among many people for his affable nature and by its openness to all kinds of people as well as for his good humor which exercises frequently to convey teachings and which does not not, however , that at times show the way to its full rejection lightning and great sorrow and anger at the current condition of rebellion against God and forgetting the spirit of slavery to materialism, most living humans. 

Guests from Around the World

He has held visiting members of the different religions and denounces religious, racial, national or any other hatred , not to invite, in very different ways , to people to freely follow their own thoughts , understand the message Islam , which is careful to differentiate versions of the wahabis , Salafis or Deobandis – and accept that path . In his travels in Spain , for example , went to visit some Buddhist monks, exposing Islamic spirituality or Sufism , and the end of the journey some monks accepted Islam. 

Shaykh Nazim has been announced for several years now that the times in which we live are the times foretold by the Prophet of Islam.

Source: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1129642

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim: “You Will Be Superior If You Are Believers”-April 2013


3:139 So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are believers

My Intention

…I am hoping that this will help the world of Islam to conquer and the world of kufur to be shaken. The world of kufur is already built on top of rubbish. It is a nonsense establishment. The building of Islam is a castle! A castle that cannot collapse belongs to Islam!

You Shall Be Superior

… Oh believers, “wa antumul a’launa in kuntum mu’minin” – you are believers you are superior.

…When do you receive greatness? “Wa antumul a’launa in kuntum mu’minin“. When is the crown of superiority dressed on your head? If you are believers, if you say, ‘I am a believer’, then you will be great; you will be high…”Wa antumul a’launa in kuntum mu’minin“- if you are believers, Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) will give you greatness and honor above the greatness given by Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) there is no greatness, finished.

If You are Believers

…I am Iranian, I am Turk, I am Saudi Arabian, I am Egyptian, I am Sudani, I am Libyan, these aren’t accepted. If you are believers, you are given greatness and honor, you are great, you are great okay…What is Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) saying? Ya ayyuha Llathina ‘Amanu Latattabi’u Khutuwati-sh Shaytani (24:21) Is it okay?…It’s not a joke. To Iranians, to Turks, to people of Sham, to those in Hijaz (Arabian Peninsula), India, China, this is for them too. Latattabi’u Khutuwati-sh Shaytani (24:21) – don’t follow the footsteps of satan!…”Wa antumul a’launa” But You are supreme. Oh kings! Allah gave you greatness.

You are the Head

…O Kings this addressing is to you. The leaders of Islamic world are you leading or following?…Does Islam not have honor ? Why are you making yourself tails of animals? You are the head…What a shame on our government and on the Islamic world. Our world is different, their world is different. Shame on you!..By whose command? Unbeliever Europeans? We follow them, we get on very well with them. We get on well with Israel? What are you going to do? You are going astray. This is not the path of Allah Almighty. Does Islam not have honor? Is it under the tail? Islam is the head…What’s happening to our people? Are we their servants? Are we under their command? Shame on our kings, our scholars, our Prime  Ministers. We are not Europe’s servant or monkey…They are unbelievers who don’t know religion or faith. Where is your honor? The honor of Islam? Tell Ekmeluddin to answer this. O kings, the king of Hijaz, scholars, successors, all of you, instead of fighting each other defend Islam…This command is severe…

The Head Does Not Follow the Tail

…Let them follow you, not you follow them. The head does not follow the tail. The tail follows head…

His Majesty King Abdullah Ibn’Abdul ‘Aziz al-Saud

They still want, in the Holy Lands, the ladies want. May Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) increase the king’s power -give us permission to drive cars- the king’s rank will increase – I am not giving permission. If you shout, if you give me the whole world, I won’t give ladies permission. Good for you, king!

Trade in Gold and Silver

Take away the paper oh Muslims. Do not do any business with paper, No. Trade is to be with gold and silver, valuable things. “Man Tashabbaha Bi Qawmin Fahuwa Minhum“. Europe’s Jewish and Christian priests that is what they ordered; they got rid of gold, silver and brought paper. Neither their trade, nor what they sell or buy is halal (permissible). This is Islam, we have honor. Oh kings, listen. This bombardment is not from me. I am not interfering, I am just informing.

O Islam!

…O Islam! Where are you? O Shah-e Mardan, where are you?

…”Who imitates a people is one of them.” (Hadith) Do not be like them, I am saying. Do not look like them. We sacrificed everything for Europe. Shame on Muslims, shame on princes, presidents, leaders.


Democracy what democracy? May Hadrat ‘Ali’s (radi Allahu ‘anhu) sword cut the heads of those believing in democracy. And then what did we do? O, let the Jewish priests come, let’s beg them to give us weapons. What weapons do you need? Say, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. It will destroy all of them, one majzub (attracted one) one who has power to attract. O kings listen! Shah-e Mardan isn’t reading stories! He is Shah-e Mardan, Owner of the Arena, Shah-e Mardan, Ay Habib ar-Rahman! Ay Sultan! Sayyidina ‘Ali ibni Abi Talib. Shah-e Mardan, Sultan of the Arenas!

…Listen. O kings take care of Islamic dress, put crown of Islam on your heads so nothing will harm you. Why are you running after them? Who is China, Russia? Is China, Russia, Europe, or America going to defeat the armies of Allah? We are not making any noise, but the time has come and the sword will be drawn “La Tattabi`Khutuwati sh-Shaytani” (24:21) They are all satans. Do not follow them, Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) is saying.

Our Constitution

O kings, Mursi is sitting on the chair, the chair will sit on his head. This person, that person, leave these games, take care of Allah’s servants, serve His servants. Do not make them servants to you. Parliament assembly. No! It is false. Do not we have Sharia’? When there is Sharia’, why do you make a constitution?(Spit) on your constiution. When there is Allah’s Sharia, Astaizzu BiLlah. “Inna Allaha Ya’muru Bil`Adli Wa Al Ihsani Wa Ita’i Dhil Qurba Wa Yanha Ani Al-Fahsha’i Wa Al-Munkari Wa Al-Baghyi Ya`izukum La`allakum Tadhakkaruna.” (16:90) This is our constitution, The Quran.

The Shariah

O scholars of Egypt why are you afraid? Why afraid of ignorant ones? Why don’t you show the majesty of Islam? O Azhar, the ones in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, all of you, fear Allah! Enforce the Sharia’ or else something will come on your heads. Do not kill people. Try to make them live. Take care of Adab. Allah gave you the rank of Islam, don’t use it in the wrong way.

Do Not Fear, Islam is the Highest

…Well, you will collapse if you don’t listen to this advice, both Iran’s leader, or Turk’s leader or Egypt’s drunk one, or in Saudi Arabia the ones who ride cars and airplanes with arrogance. Leave this. Ride on camels, it’ll give you honor. Our Master (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam) rode. Go out into the arena like that, with a sword. Do not fear, Islam is the highest! Muslims have honor. Do not change…

…O ignorant ones! We hope Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) does not make us from ignorant ones…How can we deal with Muslims? We are the heads, they say. Aman Ya Rabbi! Send us a Sultan who will unite Muslim world and make world of kufur tremble. Send us a Sultan Ya Rabbi! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar Wa Lillahi’l Hamd. Fatiha.

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim’s Statement Regarding Disarmament of Nuclear Weapons


“All the warheads are under the control of Jinns, and the Jinn are under the command of Sayyidina Mahdi ‘alayhi salam.  So nothing will be by chance; it will be only as much as Allah is asking. Everything is just arranged. There is a group of Saints, the Five Qutbs, that look after everything according to the Will of Allah. Nothing on this earth happens by chance or accident. And nothing happens without a reason…”-Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani, ‘Bridge to Eternity’

Imperial Iranian Air Force: 1976 Tehran UFO ‘Incident


An F-4D Phantom II of the Imperial Iranian Air Force

The 1976 Tehran UFO Incident was a radarand visual sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Tehran, the capital of Iran, during the early morning hours of 19 September 1976 during the days of the post Qajar, Pahlavi dynasty.

During the incident, two F-4 Phantom II jet interceptors lost instrumentation and communications as they approached, only to have them restored upon withdrawal; one of the aircraft also suffered temporary weapons systems failure, while preparing to open fire.

The incident, recorded in a four-page United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report distributed to at least the White House, Secretary of State, Joint Chiefs of Staff,National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), remains one of the most well-documented military encounters with anomalous phenomena in history, and various senior Iranian military officers directly involved with the events have gone on public record stating their belief that the object was not of terrestrial origin.

The ‘Incident’

At approximately 0030 hours local time(2100Z), 19 September 1976, the Imperial Iranian Air Force command post at Tehran received four reports by telephone, from civilians in the Shemiran city district, of unusual activity in the night sky. The callers reported seeing an object similar to a star, but much brighter.

When the command post found no helicopters airborne to account for the reports, they called General Yousefi, assistant deputy commander of operations. General Yousefi at first said the object was only a star, but after conferring with the control tower at Mehrabad International Airport and then looking for himself to see a very bright object larger than a star, he decided to scramble one F-4 Phantom II jet fighter from Shahrokhi Air Force Base in Hamadan, approximately 175 miles (282 km) west of Tehran.

At 0130 hours (2200Z), the F-4, piloted by Captain Mohammad Reza Azizkhani was launched and proceeded to a point 40 nautical miles (74 km) north of Tehran. It was noted that the object was of such brilliance that it could be seen from 70 miles (110 km) away. When the aircraft approached to approximately 25 nautical miles (46 km) from the object, the jet lost all instrumentation and communications capabilities, prompting Azizkhani to break off the intended intercept and turn back toward Shahrokhi; upon the evasion, both systems resumed functioning.

At 0140 hours, a second F-4 was scrambled, piloted by Lieutenant Parviz Jafari and Lieutenant Jalal Damirian. Jafari would eventually retire as a general and participate on 12 November 2007, at a National Press Club conference demanding a worldwide investigation into UFO phenomena. Jafari’s jet had acquired a radar lock on the object at 27 nautical miles (50 km) range. The radar signature of the UFO resembled that of a Boeing 707 aircraft. Closing on the object at 150 nautical miles (280 km) per hour and at a range of 25 nautical miles (46 km), the object began to move, keeping a steady distance of 25 nautical miles (46 km) from the F-4. The size of the object was difficult to determine due to its intense brilliance. The lights of the object were alternating blue, green, red, and orange, and were arranged in a square pattern. The lights flashed in sequence, but the flashing was so rapid that they all could be seen at once.

While the object and the F-4 continued on a southerly path, a smaller second object detached itself from the first and advanced on the F-4 at high speed. Lieutenant Jafari, thinking he was under attack, tried to launch an AIM-9 sidewinder missile, but he suddenly lost all instrumentation, including weapons control, and all communication. He later stated he attempted to eject, but to no avail, as this system, which is entirely mechanical, also malfunctioned. Jafari then instituted a turn and a negative G dive as evasive action. The object fell in behind him at about 3 to 4 nautical miles (7.4 km) distance for a short time, then turned and rejoined the primary object.

Once again, as soon as the F-4 had turned away, instrumentation and communications were regained. The F-4 crew then saw another brightly lit object detach itself from the other side of the primary object and drop straight down at high speed. The F-4 crew expected it to impact the ground and explode, but it came to rest gently. The F-4 crew then overflew the site at a decreased altitude and marked the position of the light’s touchdown. Jafari would later comment that the object was so bright that it lit up the ground and he could see rocks around it. The object had touched down near Rey Oil Refinery on the outskirts of Iran. Then they landed at Mehrabad, noting that each time they passed through a magnetic bearing of 150 degrees from Mehrabad, they experienced interference and communications failure.

A civilian airliner that was approaching Mehrabad also experienced a loss of communications at the same position relative to Mehrabad. As the F-4 was on final approach, they sighted yet another object, cylinder-shaped, with bright, steady lights on each end and a flashing light in the middle. The object overflew the F-4 as they were on approach. Mehrabad tower reported no other aircraft in the area, but tower personnel were able to see the object when given directions by Jafari. Years later, the main controller and an investigating general revealed that the object also overflew the control tower and knocked out all of its electronic equipment as well.

The next day, the F-4 crew flew out in a helicopter to the site where they had seen the smaller object land. In the daylight, it was determined to be a dry lake bed, but no traces could be seen. They then circled the area to the west and picked up a noticeable “beeper” signal. The signal was loudest near a small house, so they landed and questioned the occupants of the house about any unusual events of the previous night. They reported a loud noise and a bright light like lightning.

Further investigation of the landing site, including radiation testing of the area was apparently done, but the results were never made public. Since this event occurred before the fall of the Shah, any records in Tehran may be lost.

Miscellaneous details and documents

In the 1 October 1976 issue of the Iran Timesfrom Washington, D.C., an apparent firsthand account from Lt. Jafari, the pilot of the second jet interceptor, was published, based on a tape of the actual pursuit. The aircraft flew towards Tehran at over the speed of sound. Jafari said that on seeing him coming, the UFO increased its speed. “It was half the size of the moon as seen from earth,” he said. “It was radiating violet, orange, and white light about three times as strong as moonlight.”Jafari was ordered to return to base if he was unable to get near, and Jafari cut off pursuit. As he was returning, he “told air controllers that the UFO had doubled back on its pursuers, and he was in danger of being forced down. ‘Something is coming at me from behind. …I think it is going to crash into me. It has just passed by, missing me narrowly…’ The disturbed voice of the pilot was clear on the tape.” The article also recounted how the pilot spoke of a “bright round object, with a circumference of about 4.5 meters, leave the UFO.” It also said that the authenticity of the object had already been confirmed by the two F-4 pilots, several control tower operators, and witnesses on the ground who reported a “bright body” flit across the sky while others reported seeing “some bright thing” fall from the sky.


Alleged US Air Force files on the incident


Alleged US Air Force files on the incident


Alleged Air Force files on the incident

Arab News: According to Al Jazeera Journalists’ killings video fabricated


DOHA: A report by Al Jazeera News channel has called the executions of two US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff as “Hollywood” casting, saying they could be used as a pretext for a Western intervention in Syria.

The report — published under the “reports and interviews” section of the pan-Arab channel’s Arabic website on Thursday – said Foley likely fabricated the video, said alarabiya.net

“Perhaps the first thing that draws the attention of the viewer” in the first beheading video is that “Foley was playing the role of champion not the victim only, for he recites a lengthy statement in peerless theatrical performance, and it seems from tracking the movement of his eyes that he was reading a text from an autocue,” the Al Jazeera report said.

The report even expressed doubts over the identity of the masked killer, saying: “He does not have the features of common jihadist figures, but he was rather similar to a Hollywood actor.”

To support the claim that the beheading was “staged,” the Al Jazeera report went into details of the execution. It claimed that a review of the video in slow motion showed that “the knife being moved on the neck of the victim six times triggered no blood.”

“The filmmaker wanted to convince us that slaughtering was done after they cut the shot to show his head detached from the body in and unjustified montage leap,” the report claimed.

It added that the same remarks also apply to the video of Sotloff’s execution. Similar to Foley, it claimed, Sotloff displayed no signs of fear, neither during his statement nor during the execution.

It also raised questions over how Foley, who was kidnapped since 2012, reached the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Even more, it raised doubts over the identity of the executed man, claiming that he does not look like Foley.

It quoted “activists” as claiming that Foley had previously worked for the US Department of State and that he might have had links with intelligence, “which could mean that he colluded in the fabrication of the tape.”

The Al Jazeera report claimed that “purported beheadings” could be used to justify a future war, like the George W. Bush’ justification for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In 2003, Bush marketed his idea to invade Iraq on the basis of reports that Saddam Hussein had weapons of Mass Destruction.

From, http://www.arabnews.com/featured/news/626096

“UFO” and “Alien Technology” Lectures at the 4th Global Competitiveness Forum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-2011


“UFO” and “Alien Technology” Lectures at the 4th Global Competitiveness Forum Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) has been established under the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 2 dated 1421/1/5 H corresponding to 2000/10/2 G. SAGIA  is a governmental body reports to the President of the Supreme Economic Council, with its headquarter in the city of Riyadh.

Nick Pope “UFO” Lecture, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Jacques Vallee “UFO” Lecture, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Stanton Friedman “UFO” Lecture, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Michio Kaku “UFO” Lecture, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Statement From 1980 by Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani Regarding Mahdi ‘alayhi salam


“By the Prophet’s order, he (al Mahdi) was first taken away to behind Mountain Qaf. Nujaba, Awtad, Budalla and Akhyar took him. Their Imam is Shihabuddin. Then, he was ordered to (return to earth and) be in the Empty Quarters. That is where Yemen and Hijaz join. It is a dead desert…God will send people from behind Mountain Qaf. No one will be alone at that time. When the Mahdi (alaihi salam) comes, he will bring so many new people with him who will be coming from around (outside) this earth. There are so many unknown worlds around (outside) our world. People will come from Nujaba, Awtad, Budalla and Akhyar.”-Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani qadasAllahu sirrahul ‘aziz

“Following this period, after the House of Saud gained control, they allowed the British, and the Americans to enter and explore this region.  It was said they found fragments from outside earth there and technology which they could not understand. The Americans have kept everything they have, and developed/extracted technology from it. This is why they continue to have a strong presence in Arabia.  All technology of the past, came from the Abbasid era to the West, from the writings of the students of Imam al-Sadiq.  After the return of Hadrat Mahdi (alaihi salam), all new technology was copied, without authorization, by the Americans, among others, from whatever they could find in the Rub’ al-Khali. Hadrat Mahdi is the Imam of all modern technology, because they copied it from whatever they could find.  He is the Imam of a different kind of technology too, an alien technology which will not be known to us until ours will end with his takbir. This is alien technology… Awliya Allah are talking about people entering our atmosphere with, to help Mahdi (alaihi salam), from other worlds. They are sons of Adam, but not our Adam, rather from other Adams…”-Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin

Forbes.com: Iran Says ‘Tall, White’ Space Aliens Control America

Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden conclusively prove that the United States has been ruled by a race of tall, white space aliens who also assisted the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

These revelations about our alien overlords might not cost you any sleep. But the part that should concern you a tad is that the UFO storywas just published by the Fars News Agency, the English-language news service of Iran, a nation that may be very close to acquiring nuclear weapons.This being a crazy conspiracy theory, naturally the Russians are behind it. The alleged alien invasion was revealed in an alleged report by Russia’s FSB spy agency, which found “incontrovertible proof’ that an ‘alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda’ is driving U.S. domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945,” said the Iranian news service.

Fars apparently got the story from a hard-core conspiracy site called whatdoesitmean.com. Here is the gist of the whatdoesitmean.com story as best I understand it (or as the alien mind-control lasers allow me to understand it):Snowden, who has been given asylum in Russia, leaked documents that a race of extraterestrial “tall whites” arrived on Earth, helped Nazi Germany build a fleet of advanced submarines in the 1930s, and then met in 1954 with President Dwight Eisenhower “where the ‘secret regime’ currently ruling over America was established.”“Most disturbingly, this FSB report warns, is that the ‘Tall White’ agenda being implemented by the ‘secret regime’ ruling the United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system meant to hide all true information about their presence here on earth as they enter into what one of Snowden’s documents calls the ‘final phase’ of their end plan for total assimilation and world rule.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. government is embroiled in a “cataclysmic” power struggle between President Obama, who heads the alien shadow government, and some unknown force that opposed the U.S.-alien alliance. “Most to be feared by Russian policy makers and authorities, this [FSB] report concludes, is if those opposing the ‘Tall White’ ‘secret regime’ ruled over by Obama have themselves aligned with another alien-extraterrestrial power themselves.”Any good conspiracy theory needs a patina of truth, a bit of intellectual cover to camouflage the craziness. In this case, the whatdoesitmean.com/Fars story cites Paul Hellyer, the 1960s Canadian defense minister who is now a fervent UFO activist.This is almost a funny story, until one remembers that Iran is a moderately powerful nation of 76 million people, with a possible nuclear arsenal, relatively large conventional military power, extensive terrorist capabilities through its intelligence agencies and Hezbollah, and a fundamentalist government that could easily engage in hostilities against the U.S. Laugh if you will at conspiracy theories, but they offer explanatory value for their believers, a way of making sense of why things happen, even if it is a funhouse-mirror explanation of the world. The Fars News Agency is reportedly affiliated with Iran’s influential Revolutionary Guards, which suggests that either Iran is either desperate to smear the U.S. any way it can, or there indeed is a very peculiar view of U.S. politics at the highest levels of the Iranian government.If there is a bright spot to this as well as a funny bone, it’s that the goal of U.S. policy is to contain and neutralize Iranian influence. So, perhaps it’s not necessarily a bad thing that Tehran thinks its main adversary is backed by the power of space aliens. It’s good to have friends in high places, even if they have two heads.
See, http://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelpeck/2014/01/13/iran-says-tall-white-space-aliens-control-america/

Snowden Documents Proving “US-Alien-Hitler” Link Stuns Russia

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

 A stunning Federal Security Services (FSB) report on the nearly two million highly classified top-secret documents obtained from the United States Department of Defense (DOD) run National Security Agency-Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) by the American ex-patriot Edward Snowden states that this information is providing“incontrovertible proof” that an “alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda” is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945.

Edward Snowden is a computer specialist, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, and former NSA/CSS contractor who disclosed these classified documents to several media outlets in late 2012 and was granted temporary asylum in Russia in 2013 after his designation by the Obama regime as the “most wanted man on earth.”

This FSB report further states that Snowden, in December, 2012, contacted the highly respected American columnist, blogger, and author Glenn Greenwald by an email headed with the subject line stating, “I and others have things you would be interested in.?.?.?.

”In Snowden’s own words, this report continues, he outlined to Greenwald the reason for his highly secretive group obtaining and releasing these documents by warning that that there “were actually two governments in the US: the one that was elected, and the other, secret regime, governing in the dark.”

As to who is running this “secret regime” Snowden and his cohorts were warning about, FSB experts in this report say, was confirmed this past weekend by former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer who was given access to all of Snowden’s documents by Russian intelligence services and stated they were, indeed, “accurate”.

Even though Defense Minister Hellyer’s exact statements to the FSB in regards to Snowden’s documents remain classified, shortly after his “extensive electronic interview” by the FSB he was allowed to appear on Russia Today’s program SophieCothis past fortnight where he shockingly admitted that aliens have “been visiting our planet for thousands of years” and described several types of these extraterrestrials, including “Tall Whites” who are working with the US Air Force in Nevada.

Of the many explosive revelations in this FSB report, the one most concerning to Russian authorities are the Snowden’s documents “confirming” that the “Tall Whites”(further revealed by Defense Minister Hellyer as noted above) are the same extraterrestrial alien race behind the stunning rise of Nazi Germany during the 1930’s.

In just one example of the many outlined in this FSB report, it shows that with this“alien assistance,” at the end of the 1930’s, when Nazi Germany possessed just 57 submarines, over the four years of World War II it built 1,163 modern technologically advanced submarines at its dockyards and even put them into operation.

Snowden’s documents further confirm, this report says, the “Tall Whites” (Nordic) meetings in 1954 with US President Dwight D. Eisenhower where the “secret regime” currently ruling over America was established. 

Most disturbingly, this FSB report warns, is that the “Tall White” agenda being implemented by the “secret regime” ruling the United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system meant to hide all true information about their presence here on earth as they enter into what one of Snowden’s documents calls the “final phase” of their end plan for total assimilation and world rule.

Unbeknownst to the FSB, this report confirms, are those still in the US government backing Snowden, but whose presence Russian intelligence experts note is “unmistakable” and shows a cataclysmic power struggle is currently underway against this“secret regime” now headed by Obama by “forces unknown.”

Most to be feared by Russian policy makers and authorities, this report concludes, is if those opposing the “Tall White” “secret regime” ruled over by Obama have themselves aligned with another alien-extraterrestrial power themselves.

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His Excellency al-Sayyid Muhammad AM Hussein, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Grand Imam Masjid Al-Aqsa – June 2014

With H.E. al-Sayyid Muhammad AM Hussein, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Grand Imam of Al Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem

H.E. al-Sayyid Muhammad AM Hussein, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Grand Imam of Al Aqsa Mosque, Palestine visits Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin’s residence for a dinner reception in Hyderabad-June 2014

H.E. al-Sayyid Muhammad AM Hussein, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Grand Imam Masjid Al-Aqsa was at Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin’s residence in Hyderabad for a dinner reception in his honour in support of the Palestinian cause. 

During his visit, H.E. told Sayyid the religious leadership in Palestine is under the descendants of Al-Hussein ibn ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib ‘alayhi salam, that the Palestinians celebrate Mawlid, love Ahl al-Bayt and do not oppose Sufism.  On the contrary, there are mosques in Palestine named after Sufi Saints like the Sultan Ibrahim Ibn Adham Mosque in Beit Hanina, Palestine.  

H.E. the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem inaugurated a symposium on Sufism during his visit to Hyderabad and stated the people of Gaza never refer to it as simply Gaza, rather take pride in honor of protecting the tomb of Hashim ibn ‘Abd al-Manaf, great grandfather of the Holy Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam and progenitor of the Hashemites, located in Old Gaza.  Gazan Muslims refer to Gaza as  “Gazzat Hashim” (Gaza of Hashim).

He told Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin he knew of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim and was very happy to learn of his connection to him.  He granted Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin a Key to al-Haram al-Sharif Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem.

H.E. al-Sayyid Muhammad AM Hussein, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Grand Imam of Al Aqsa Mosque, Palestine-June 2014

H.E. al-Sayyid Muhammad AM Hussein, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Grand Imam of Al Aqsa Mosque


Regarding Terrorism and Restoration of the Caliphate by Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin


Q. What do you think we can do about terrorism? Both in terms of laymen and scholarly knowledgeable people, what would u advise? Shukran.

A. Terrorism is a means to a political objective not the objective itself.

The Arab and Muslim world have always been blessed with political and economic grandeur since the era of the Rashidun Caliphs onwards.  This demonstrates that historically terrorism is in fact inconsistent with Arab and Muslim history.

We have always had kingdom states, power, influence, and wealth, whereas terrorism, which is in fact based on a philosophical fallacy, is seen by those who employ it, as a means to those very same things.  It is in fact described as “a poor man’s way of war”.  Arabs and Muslims have never needed to autonomously “establish” new states nor declare autonomous jihad.  Historically, we have had only empire states, and our internal turmoil has been not more than one dynasty overthrowing another, but even under such chaos, Islam and honor of the Prophet Muhammad remained the top mandate of the state, as the law. All throughout Arab and Muslim history all terroritial expansions were carried out by these Arab or Arabized Muslim empire states.  Jihad was waged on a state level, decarled by the caliph himself. This terrified Europe and those who hated Arabs and Muslims more than anything else.

Philosophy of Terrorism

Historically,  it is in fact the Americans and Zionists who established the Jewish State of Israel who used terrorism to carve themselves out of the British Empire.  Terrorism is an American and Zionist philosophy similar to how both Sunnism and Shiism are originally Arab philosophies.

Reinventing the Wheel

Since the abolishment of the Turkish monarchy and caliphate, the need to “establish” by “reinventing the wheel” has been artificially manufactured by groups who are backed or linked to America directly or indirectly.

Two Groups in Muslim World

The groups who seek to now “establish” are of two kinds:  those who believe in democracy and referendum as the means to establish their goals, and those who believe in terrorism as a legitimate means to what they see as a necessary political objective.

America is the global leader of the falsehood referred to as democracy and it, and the Jewish State of Israel employed and invented modern day terrorism to establish themselves as democratic states carved out of the British Empire.  All Islamist groups fall in to these above two categories as well.

Turkey and Islamic Republic of Iran

Islamist Turkey, and the Islamic Republic of Iran are the leaders of the movement towards establishment of a new world order through an Islamist democracy.  Their followers include Hizbollah, Hamas, Ikhwan ul-Muslimin (Muslim Brotherhood), Pakistan’s Dr. Tahir ul-Quadri, Jamaat Islami, and other groups they back or backed.

The Second Group

The second group, like the Americans and Zionists, believe in terrorism as an acceptable means to the establishment of what they see as a “noble” ending.

In the case of the Americans it was a new democratic “Israel” without the British monarchy, whom it saw as a tyranny, while for Islamist terrorist groups it is the establishment of an Islamist caliphate and a new world order based upon the Sunni books of hadith narration.

These groups of this second category include the likes of Al Qaeda, Taliban, Lashkar i-Tayyibah, Jash i-Muhammad, Mahdi Army, ISIS, pre-9/11 Libya under Gaddafi, Syria under the Assads, and others.

Both groups, while possibly even possesing “noble intentions” for a good outcome, are actually philosophically wrong according to Arab and Muslim political history.

These groups have no fixed model for political succession within their own leadership ranks, an irony for groups calling towards precisely that very same thing, a caliphate, or political successorship.

Caliphate is Dynastic

Historically,the caliphate has been exclusive to the bloodline of the Quraysh, hence there has never been room for democracy in the Arab and Muslim world throughout its history, in either schools.

From the era of the forth Rashidun Caliph onwards, until the demise of the Turkish monarchy and caliphate,  the political succession to the office of the caliphate has always been heriditary, and the model for government always styled as a Qurayshite or Arabized monarchy.

Restore Monarchies

According to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, all that is required is restoration of monarchy in Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other Muslim nations and the empowering of the monarchy respectively. Thereafter, the caliphate must be restored, and a caliph-monarch appointed. The caliphate it is to remain a monarchy not otherwise.

The Caliph is a King

The caliph is both the religious head of the state as well as its king, like David in the Quran who is referred to as both a Prophet-king and a caliph who appointed a heriditary successor to both his religious and political offices, Solomon.

On the Pattern of Prophethood

The last monarch to occupy the office of the caliphate with absolute power in the Arab Muslim world was Sharif Hussein, who became the first Arab-Hashemite caliph since 1258, and the first caliph from the family of the Prophet since his ancestor al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib.  Sharif Hussein secured the title and office from the Ottomans with consent of the last penultimate Ottoman caliph.

Today, brave or otherwise, his great grandson continues to sit on a throne and is legally privileged to inherit both the caliphical style and authority from his ancestor.  We have never had perfect kings from the era of the Rashidun Caliphs onward.

Right Divine of Quraysh

According to the Shariat,  the office of the caliphate is the Right Divine of the family of Quraysh.

Other than King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein, there are no other kings from the Quraysh bloodline in the entire Middle East.

While in my personal view, the king of Morroco is more upright, brave, and philosophically and mystically sound, Morocco is in Africa, not the Arab Middle East.

Parting Advice of Shaykh Nazim

As such, Shaykh Nazim advised Muslims to restore the monarchy and a caliph-monarch from the House of Sharif Hussein, to reject of democracy and terrorism and all things related, created to destabilize monarchies both in the East and West.

Accordingly, he called for monarchy to be restored as the only true alternative to the current historically inconsistent political tide.

Mawlana prayed for tyrants in the Arab Muslim world to be removed and replaced by the respective exiled monarchs instead, or their legal heirs.

There will be order and prosperity again with peace.  Islam would be renovated and the artificial need to “establish” of both Islamists and terrorists will have already been completed if the caliphical office is restored.

According to Mawlana, it can start with the rise of His Highness the Prince of Wales to absolute power as king of the United Kingdom. This is because all terrorism and democratic and religionist political movements were in fact inherited from America and Zionism and the polar opposite to American and Zionist hegemony in the West and East is the British monarchy. See my post, The New World Order: America, Britain, “Israel”, Demcoracy and the Real Global Struggle